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Where Did We Come From?

There are several ideas on how this universe and the human race came into being.

Atheistic Evolution

  • The universe and planet earth is old.
  • We are all descended from a single celled organism that developed in a great swampy soup.
  • We are heading towards perfection and away from chaos.
  • There is no God and no need for one.
  • There never was a Fall.
  • There is no such thing as sin.
  • “Morals” are either an individual thing or are evolving along with society.

We don’t need a savior.


Theistic Evolution- 

  • God used evolution to create the planet.
  • There is no biblical support for such a position.
  • In fact, since the Bible plainly says God created the universe in six days and that there was no death before Adam’s Fall, Theistic Evolution says God is a liar and the Bible untrustworthy.
  • How can a person truly claim to be a Christian if they believe the Bible and God lie?

Why would we even need a Savior?


The Gap Theory- 

  • There was a gap of millions of years between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis 1.
  • The original creation was totally destroyed (probably by a massive flood) and that is where the dinosaurs come from.
  • Again, there is no biblical proof for this position. There is also no scientific proof for this position.
  • The only reason it was invented was to try to twist the Bible to fit into science.
  • It also requires death before Adam, making God and the Bible a liar.

Why would we want such a Savior?


Day-Age Theory- 

"The word translated into our word “day” in Genesis 1 sometimes means a long span of time. So each creation “day” was actually millions of years long."

 The word translated into day here ALWAYS means 24 hours when used with a number (such and “first day”) and when used with a qualifier (such as “evening and morning”).
God could just as easily have had the writer use the Hebrew word that always means long spans of time (a very different word). If He dictated the word for twenty-four hours when He meant millions of years, then He was less than honest or stupid.

Scientifically, if Day-Age is true than we have plants living for millions of years without the sun or pollinating insects, and insects and birds living for millions of years without host mammals. Non-sense.

Some "Savior"


Punctuated Creation- 

  • A combination of the Gap Theory and Day-Age.
  • God created the universe in literal six day time spans but left millions of years between the days.
  • Same problems the above theories have; No support form the Bible and unscientific.


Young Earth Creation

  • God created the universe in six literal days, somewhere between six and ten-thousand years ago.
  • Just as Adam was created an adult, the universe was created fully mature.Since God told us what He did, there is no deception.
  • Dinosaurs were created on days five and six and today’s fossil records are from Noah’s flood.
  • Adam sinned condemning the planet to physical as well as spiritual death.
  • As Adam’s children we all have sinned and are under that same condemnation.
  • Jesus died to pay the price for our sin so we can go to heaven.
  • Carbon, Radon and Argon dating methods are flawed due to assumptions of evolution (such as the assumption that the rate of carbon absorption by living organisms has remained the same for all of time. Notice that scientists change which dating methods they use every few years? It's because each one in turn is proven unreliable at best. When used on things we know the age of, they give very wrong results).
  • Science is continually proving the Bible to be true and, in fact, it has never been scientifically proven otherwise despite attempts to do just that for centuries.
  • The Bible was written by eyewitnesses to the events it records; the gold standard of historical documentation.
  • Geology strongly supports a world-wide cataclysmic event such as Noah’s flood (The Grand Canyon for example, could only have been formed the way evolutionists say if at one point in history water flowed UP HILL. The Canyon being made by run off from the flood makes much more sense.)
  • The prophecies of the Bible have each proven true, also.
  • So, The Bible is infallible. 
  • God can not lie.

We need Our Savior