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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ What denomination are you?

We are an independent church. This means we do not belong to a larger denomination. Though every denomination has some truth, none of them are 100% correct. We like being free to take those things each group gets right and leave the things that don't line up with the Bible.
Statement of Faith

What Bible Translation do you use?

We use the King James. It is what most of us have been raised with and we are most familiar with. We do refer to other translations on occasion to help our understanding of a scripture though.
Why Use the King James?

But I don't own a King James Bible.

That's OK. Most of the scriptures we use during service are posted on the screen up front and we have plenty of extra Bibles you are welcome to use. And if you don't own a Bible, just let us know. We'll fix that!

Do you have a dress code?

We believe boys should look like boys and girls should look like girls and important body parts should be covered (including the entire bottom), but otherwise, no. We don't care what you look like.

Do I have to stay for lunch Sunday?

No. We would enjoy your company, but we understand that people have other plans sometimes.

Do I have to bring something if I do want to eat?

Not at all. This is a time for those who like to cook to experiment on, ummm, Treat the rest of us. We always have more than enough left over.

Can I come late?

We try to start all services on time, but we won't lock the door to keep you out. We look forward to seeing you whenever you can make it.
Service Times

Do I have to agree with you on everything in order to attend?

I have yet to meet any two people who agree on everything. And if we did, one of us wouldn't be necessary, would we? The important thing is that we all love the Lord and honor His Word.

What is "Family Integrated?"

We do not segregate people according to their age. The whole family worships together. Parents know what their children have been taught and children see the example of their parent's worship. The family is strengthened when the responsibility for teaching the children is put with the parents where God originally intended.

But I don't know that much about God. How am I supposed to teach my own children?

You can teach them what you do know and learn the rest together. We recommend daily family devotionals: a time to read the Bible and pray together. There are many good resources out there to help you and we are always willing to help, too.

What is your view about education?

We believe education to be vitally important. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Psalms 111:10, Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10.

We believe that if at all possible parents should teach their own children since they are the ones given the responsibility by God and who will have to answer for the results. We do understand, however, that sometimes a traditional private school is the best option.
Why Homeschool?

What is "Work Day?"

All buildings need occasional cleaning and maintenance. On the first Saturday of each month we get together to do this work. We have a good time and then eat lunch together.

Do you offer special studies?

If asked, our pastor will teach on any subject at the Wednesday night Bible Study. Or we are open to in-home studies or whatever will best fit your needs.

Am I going to hell?

The Bible says that if you do not have Jesus as your Lord and Savior (Boss), yes, you will spend eternity in eternal death. However, God loved YOU so much that He robed Himself in flesh and willingly suffered the most painful method of execution ever invented by humans in order to pay your way to Heaven. All you have to do is accept Him into your heart.

Will you pray for me?

Absolutely! Email us at We will add you to our prayer page.