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Prayer and Praise

 So how do you pray?

God, we thank You ...

  • Salvation
  • God's compassion and help and direction
  • We are here 
  • Jon's back is better
  • Sharons legs are better
  • Pastors wall is almost done
  • Dryer is fixed
  • Providing for our needs.
  • God is always with us
  • Giving us each other 
  • Answered prayer

God, we ask...

  • That You do whatever is necessary to bring salvation to our...
    • Deena's family
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Neighbors.
    • Our Military
    • Our leaders.
  • For healing for...
    • The Williams dog
    • Sis Sharons legs
    • Jodi
    • All who are sick
    • Cancer-Heidi, Debbie, Shonda, Dave just cancer in general
    • Arthritis: Sis Linda, Bro Nick, sis Betty
    • The Morton's 
    • Bro Pats brother Mike
    • Sis Tina
    • Sharon's kids
    • Homeless
    • Our military
    • All our bodies, houses, cars, money
    • Our colds/flus
    • Our Earth’s wars 
    • Our nation
  • Guidance for all of us
  • Give us a greater burden for the lost and the words to speak
  • Close the brothels
  • Comfort for 
    • Those who mourn 
    • Provision for...
      • Those feeding the homeless
      • Whatever each of our homes needs.
      • Jobs for those in need of them and ability to handle jobs for those who have them.
      • Blessings and direction in the businesses in our church
      • The Crisis Pregnancy Center 
      • FISH
      • AEDV
      • The Dream Center
      • The Gideon's
      • The work World Vision does
    • Your will to be done in every heart in …
      • Our community; Topaz to Silver Springs to Red Rock to Tahoe
      • Our Friends and Family, Near and Far, Saved and Unsaved
      • Our country, especially our leadership
    • Guide
        • Our Government
        • Our Military
        • Our missionaries 
    • We pray You to add souls to the church and draw us all closer to You.
    • Show us how to help others
    • We pray a special request that You flood this country with Your Truth and bring us to repentance from our self-worship. Restore us to the foundations we were built on and let us once again be a light on a hill showing the glory of Your ways to the world.

    We thank You and Praise You for the answers to these prayers.

    If you have a prayer request or praise report please email us at