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Prayer and Praise

So how do you pray?

God, we thank You ...

  • We are here
  • Button's surgery went well
  • Bro Danny's new life
  • Leighs insurance got straight ened out
  • Sharon is making progress
  • Good day yesterday
  • Will isn’t using Levi’s car anymore 
  • Friends and family near and far
  • Providing for our needs.
  • Our health.
  • Our homes.
  • Giving us each other
  • Answered prayer

God, we ask...

  • That You do whatever is necessary to bring salvation to our...
    • Friends
    • Erin
    • Family
    • Neighbors.
    • Our Military
    • Our leaders.
  • For healing for...
    • Bro Richard's Son
    • Sis Nancy and Bro Kenn
    • Barney
    • Sis Leigh's van
    • Piper and Josiah
    • Sis Shonda Parker
    • All our bodies, houses, cars, money
    • Sis Debbie Coulter
    • Sis Tina
    • Our Earth’s wars 
    • Vegas, the hurricane, fire, and earthquake damaged areas.
    • Our nation
  • Give us a greater burden for the lost and the words to speak
  • Comfort for 
    • Those who mourn
    • Provision for...
      • Those feeding the homeless
      • Whatever each of our homes needs.
      • Jobs for those in need of them and ability to handle jobs for those who have them.
      • Blessings in the businesses in our church
      • The Crisis Pregnancy Center 
      • FISH
      • AEDV
      • The Gideon's
    • Your will to be done in every heart in …
      • Our community; Topaz to Silver Springs to Red Rock to Tahoe
      • Our Friends and Family, Near and Far, Saved and Unsaved
      • Our country, especially our leadership
    • Guide Us 
        • Our Government
        • Our Military
        • Our missionaries 
    • We pray You to add souls to the church and draw us all closer to You.
    • We pray a special request that You flood this country with Your Truth and bring us to repentance from our self worship. Restore us to the foundations we were built on and let us once again be a light on a hill showing the glory of Your ways to the world.

    We thank You and Praise You for the answers to these prayers.

    If you have a prayer request or praise report please email us at