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Why You Shouldn't Get an Abortion

Abortion Increases Your Risk of Cancer

Women who get an abortion between the ages of 18 and 30 have twice the risk of breast cancer than women who never have an abortion. Women who get one before 18 have 100% more risk.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts immediately begin to change in order to nurse a baby. That change isn't finished until the baby is born. An abortion stops the breasts in mid-change and they don't know what to do with the partly changed cells. They often become cancerous. These findings were made by PRO-abortion doctors.

Miscarriages don't cause these same problems because miscarriage is generally caused by too-low hormone levels. Without sufficient hormones, the breasts don't start the change towards breastfeeding in the first place.

Abortion Increases Your Risk of PTSD

Women who have abortions suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome more often than Vietnam vets do. This is true even if the woman's family wholeheartedly supported her decision. Some report hearing the baby crying in pain for the rest of their lives.

Abortion Increases Your Risk of Future Infertility

Women who have had abortions suffer from infertility 7-25% more often than women who haven't.

They also have serial miscarriages more often (twice to ten times as often).

They are in greater danger of uterine rupture and abnormal hemorrhage if they do carry a baby to term.


Abortion is a Unnatural, Dangerous Procedure

One slip of the doctor's hand and you are dead. This happens .5-1% of the time. Hemorrhage bad enough to need transfusions happens 2-5% of the time. Infection from mild to fatal happens 25% of the time.

The natural course for a human body that conceives a baby is for that pregnancy to continue until birth. Abortion disrupts this natural process.

  Someone Needs Your Baby

There is a good chance you need this baby and just don't know it yet. Many an "unwanted child" becomes the Light of his Mamma's life once she can hold him and look into his eyes.

But also...

There are millions of couples waiting to adopt babies, even handicapped babies. Before abortion was legalized the waiting list for a government adoption was two years. Now it is seven years and many of those that qualified for the list forty-five years ago, are now weeded off.

EVERY baby is wanted by somebody.

If you have been raped, instead of putting yourself through the traumas of an abortion, carry the baby to term and give it as a gift to a childless couple. This would make something beautiful and Holy and loving come out of your nightmare. It would turn your temporal pain into something Eternal and triumphant.

Actually, few women who are raped get abortions. They see that as just another trauma added onto the first, another way for the man to win and rob her of something; that part of herself that goes into the baby. Many find that the baby brings healing to their lives, whether they raise it themselves or give it up for adoption.

Handicapped People Have the Right to Life, Too

If you were handicapped, would you have wanted your parents to abort you? Some of the most precious people in the world are handicapped. Parents of handicapped children often tell of how these special children bring the biggest blessings to their lives through their unconditional love.

It is an evil society that approves of killing people just because they aren't perfect.

Fetus is Latin for Offspring

After Conception:
Day 1 – fertilization: all human chromosomes are present; a unique human life begins.

21 days (three weeks) after conception (about a week after the due date of the first missed period) the Offspring's heart has an independent beat with the child's own blood, often a different type than the mother's.

By day 35 (five weeks) brain, bone marrow and nervous system are in place.

By 42 days (six weeks), the skeleton is complete and the buds of the milk teeth appear. Brain waves are detectable; mouth, lips present; fingernails are forming. The digestive tract is in formation.

By day 49 (seven weeks) the muscles and nerves function. The baby now has reflexes, so he can move spontaneously. Eyelids and toes form; the nose is distinct, baby is kicking and swimming. The thorax and abdomen are entirely formed. The mouth can be opened and the eyes can be seen.

By day 56 (week eight) fingerprints begin to form.

By day 63 (week nine), all of the vital organs are in place: heart, lungs, brain, intestines. He can grasp an object placed in his palm and can make a fist. Baby can turn his head and frown.

Week 12 – He responds to light, sound, cold and pain. All of the parts necessary to experience pain, including the nerves, spinal cord and thalamus are present and films made of babies during abortions show them trying to run away from the knife and screaming.


Abortion Exploits Women

Abortionists get paid three times for their work; Once by the woman. Once by my tax dollars. And a third time by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies when they buy the body parts to put in their products. Ever hear of "Alpha Feta Protein"…..?

These doctors are making money off of trauma in a woman's life.

Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the world, a multi-million dollar company that makes it's profit (yes, profit.) off of killing babies and putting women at risk. Ex Employees have admitted that the clinics often give out low dose, ineffective birth control pills in order to insure the woman will need an abortion in a few months.


It Is a Human Being

Did you know that abortion was legal in the 1800's? Everyone believed that the Offspring was not alive until the mother felt movement, so there were few who had a moral problem with "ending the pregnancy" before then. Then someone invented the x-ray machine and, low and behold! Baby is alive and kicking long before movement is felt!

That is when abortion was outlawed; when it became obvious to everyone that the Offspring was a living human being.

With the invention of sonograms it has become even more apparent that Baby is human from the very start.

Baby's First Picture is now often at 20 weeks gestation!

We can watch Baby suck his thumb, play with the umbilical cord, and have the hiccups.
He is in every way a human Baby. Just very, very tiny.


Legal Abortion is Inconsistent and Illogical

Today, if I am five months pregnant and go into early labor the doctors will work their hearts out to save my "baby." Many are saved and grow up to lead perfectly normal lives.

But if I am five months pregnant and decide to have an abortion, now it is just a "lump of inert flesh, a tumor."

This is unscientific at best.

Personhood is hanging on the whim of a hormonally challenged woman (and before anyone writes accusing me of being a male-chauvinist pig, I am a woman who has had 14 pregnancies ending in nine full term births and five miscarriages. I know from personal experience what I am talking about when I talk about pregnancy hormones!)

If I am pregnant and a robber breaks into my home and beats me up and kills me, he will be tried on two counts of murder; one for me and one for my baby. If I hire a doctor to do an abortion, it is somehow magically now not a person. Illogical.

Question: If we must do everything in our power to save the rain forests because one of those trees may have the chemicals needed to cure cancer, why don't we do everything possible to save every baby? The one being aborted right this minute may be the one that has the exact neuro-pathways necessary to find that cure for cancer.

  Why You Should Have an Abortion

A baby would be inconvenient right now.

This is exactly what Susan Smith said when she strapped her two and four year old boys into car seats and pushed the car into a lake. What is the difference? Just the age of the Offspring. All she did was perform a post-natal abortion.


If you are pregnant, please go to your local Crisis pregnancy center or church. They will be able to help you in any way you need it.

Your baby deserves a chance at life. He deserves to live. He deserves to meet his mommy face-to-face.

Please give him that chance. You won't regret it.

If you have had an abortion, take heart!

God forgives.

God Heals.

You can get help for the after affects of an abortion or an unwanted pregnancy.
Contact our local pregnancy center.

or us.

We will pray with you and do what we can to get you help.

Please watch this video.