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Bread for Life

The term “bread” includes everything made from grains. This means “bread” is not only the stuff that holds your sandwich together, but also all...
  • pastas,
  • tortillas,
  • pancakes,
  • waffles,
  • hamburger and hotdog buns,
  • biscuits,
  • muffins,
  • the breading on your fried chicken,
  • the croutons in your salad,
  • corn on the cob,
  • popcorn,
  • rice,
  • cake,
  • pie crust,
  • cookies,
  • Twinkies, and
  • oatmeal.
Since potatoes are similar in nutrition, you could call them God’s quick bread. This makes French fries, mashed potatoes, and hash browns “bread” also.

Now, imagine your life without “bread.” How bland that would be! How difficult to even get enough calories to live!

The Bread of Life

Jesus Christ called Himself the “Bread of Life.” In the same way that bread is essential for our physical survival, Jesus is essential for our eternal survival.


The Basics

There is a God. The universe is too complex to have created itself. The very Laws of Nature speak of a Divine Father.

God gave us the Bible to show us the way to Him.

No other document has ever been subjected to as much scrutiny and evaluation, yet the Bible has never been proven wrong. (About the Bible)

Quite the opposite; Archeology and science are continually proving It is right.

It contains many prophecies that have come true also, further proving Its truth and Divine inspiration.


God created human kind. 

He molded us, His masterpiece, from the dust of the ground.

All humans have chosen to rebel against God. 

Whether it is a “little white lie,” being selfish or the choice to be outright evil, we have all, at one time or another, chosen to disobey God;

We have all sinned.

The penalty for sin is eternal death. 

This is not an end to existence, but being in the torture of the throws-of-death forever.
Eternal pain, eternal suffering. There is no human who does not deserve this.



God loved us, His master creation, so much that He robed Himself with flesh, walked this earth for thirty-three and a half years, and gave Himself as a sacrifice to pay for our sins.

He paid the debt we owe.

We must accept this gift of payment. 

If I wrapped up a million dollars and put it on your door step, it does you no good unless you pick up the box, open it and take the money.

Christ’s gift of salvation to you will do you no good unless you accept it.

Each and every one of us must acknowledge that we have rebelled against God, we have sinned, ask Him to forgive us, and choose to follow Him.

If we do not do this, we will continue to walk to Hell.

If we ask, God will forgive us. Always.

Once we have received forgiveness for our sins, Jesus becomes our Boss (Lord). We must follow and obey Him.

How do we know what God wants us to do?

  • He tells us in the Bible.
  • He tells us through men He has appointed to serve us by shepherding (pastoring) us.
  • He tells us through fellow Christians who are farther along in their walk with Him.
  • He tells us in our heart when we pray.
Every Christian needs to find a church that believes the Bible is true. They need to be there regularly (at least weekly) so they can learn more about their Jesus.
(Commit, Submit, Benefit)
Every Christian needs to read their Bible and spend time talking to God every day.
Every Christian needs to fellowship with other Christians.
Every Christian needs to follow Jesus commands to;
  • Love God with EVERYTHING you have. Leave no part of your heart or life out.
  • Love your neighbor the same way you love yourself. Treat him the way you would want to be treated. Make his needs at least as important as your own.
This is how Jesus becomes our “Bread of Life.”
This is how He enriches us and nourishes us.
This is how He makes our lives better.
This is how He gives us Joy and Peace.

Unlike with bread, which it is possible (though difficult) to live without, we can’t live forever without Jesus. We can’t go to heaven unless He is our Boss.

Won’t you please accept the Life He offers you today?