You Need the Bread of Life

Jesus is the Bread of Life, the very source of Eternal Life; just as physical bread is the “staff of [physical] life.” We need the Bread of Life to live in our hearts, to help us with our everyday lives, and to guide us to Heaven. This is the ONLY way to get Eternal Life.

Christian Fellowship in Carson City, Moundhouse, and Dayton

God did not design us to be loners. He designed us to need each other, to need Christian Fellowship. That is what church is for; helping each other in our walk with God.

Church is supposed to be a place where you feel “at home,” a place where, as the song says, 
“you can see, our troubles are all the same…
where everybody knows your name,
and their always glad you came. ….”

You and your family need to be a part of a bigger family.

You need us.

And We Need You! 

That’s right, we need you. The Bible teaches that;
“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17) 
Without your insight, your experiences, we are lacking in our understanding of God and His Word.

At Bread of Life Christian Fellowship, you won't find polished productions, or professional performances. We're not actors or performers. We don’t have church to be entertained.

We are just a group of real people who gather together to Worship our King, learn about our God, and fellowship with His people.

We may not do things quite the way others do. We tend to be more informal and to laugh a lot. But that’s OK. God made different churches because we all have different needs. Some need formal worship and serious atmospheres. Some need to relish the “Joy of the Lord.”

Worship is the Highlight of Church. 

Our worship is the only thing we can offer to God. He already owns everything else. But He craves our worship, our love. He wants our offering of praise to Him.

And in true Godly love, worship strengthens us and blesses us. It makes us feel good, too. It is mutually beneficial.

Now, God wants us to give our best, but some people’s best is better to human ears than other people’s best.

But to God's ears, “our best” is the most beautiful thing in the world, no matter how it sounds to others.

God hears the heart.

You know what it really is? 
God is the Audience.

We are the choir!

Everyone has their own ministry. 

God has called everyone to work for Him. The most visible callings are, of course, those that are expressed behind the pulpit. But those aren’t always the most important ones.

It is just as vital for the Church to have those who take meals to the sick, take the elderly shopping, hold those who are mourning, pull the weeds of the handicapped, and even scrub the toilet in the church.

We can’t any of us function without the other. We all need each other.

We need your, unique ministry.

Do you know what your ministry is? 

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out. But you DO have a ministry.

How do you find God's call in your life?

  • Pray. God listens and speaks to us in the still quiet of our prayer time.
  • Read your Bible. The more you know about God, the more you will know about yourself. This will let you know His will for your life.
  • Commit to a church. The leadership in the church is assigned the job of helping you find your ministry and get started in it. They are responsible for keeping you on the right track. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are also responsible to help you follow God's plan for your life, just as you are responsible to help them
I can tell you this:
  • If God has blessed you with a spouse, your primary calling is ministry to your husband or wife.
  • If God has blessed you with children, your next most important calling is to raise your babies to serve God.
  • If you have a job, God wants you to minister to those you meet in your daily work. The other ministries God has for you will grow from these and from your fellowship with God's people.

Life Can Be Hard. We all know this. 

“Life” happens to everyone, as they say. We understand if you are, well, a bit less than perfect. We understand because we’ve been there and done that, too. We certainly aren’t perfect either!

But, Praise the Lord! We don’t have to have lived a perfect life! Jesus did that for us!

When we accept The Bread of Life, He gives us His perfection, washing away all our past sins.

We become New Creatures, fit to worship The King. And from that moment on He helps us to live a life of righteousness.
Within the Center of Every Living Soul
Is a Great Big, God Sized Hole 
He gave us three resources to live that righteous life:
  • His own presence in our hearts, nudging us the right direction.
  • His Word (The Bible), which tells us what righteousness is and gives us examples, both good and bad, to make our decisions by.
  • His people. Every Christian’s job is to help other Christians follow Christ. We support each other, encourage each other, and help each other find the truth and the right path.

We All Have Questions In This Life. 

Where do you go for answers? Who can you trust? The government? The media? Your school teachers? The “experts?”

God has been around since before The Beginning and He loves us enough to give us the answers we need in His Word.

At Bread of Life Christian Fellowship, we enjoy looking for life's answers. We have never found any question too small or unimportant to spend time finding the answer.

Come join us. We can help you in your quest for the answers you need in your own life. And you can help us find our answers.

There is an empty chair here with your name on it!

We Can Trust the Bible. We believe the Bible to be the True Word of God and the guide to our lives. We study it so when we are tested, (and we will all be tested), we will have the right answers.

We named our church “Bread of Life” because that is the focus of our church and our lives. Jesus is our Bread, our very sustenance. Only in the Bible can we find the truth about Him, and thus, the truth about ourselves.

We named our church "Christian Fellowship" because that is what we are all about; fellowshipping with God's people.

We are a Family Integrated Church. 

Your family needs to worship together. After all,
"The family that prays together, stays together." 
It is so important for children to see their parents worship and learn how to worship LIKE an adult. This increases the chance they will worship AS adults.

And isn’t that the main goal of all Christian parents? To have our children worshiping our King and walking by our sides down the Streets of Gold!

We don't send the children off to "Never Never Land" while the adults have "Real Church." All ages worship and learn together.

Children need the fellowship of their elders just as much as the elders need the fellowship of the youngers. Older people offer wisdom and experience. Younger people offer vision and energy. Every church needs both.

We do have a "Children's Sermon" just before the Main Sermon, (but just between you and me, I think the adults enjoy it more than the children:-)

Don’t children need age appropriate teaching? 

Yes. However, God assigned that job to the child’s parents, not the Church (except in cases where the parent’s aren’t available to do the teaching.)

Each parent is responsible to lead their children to the Throne of Grace. What a scary thought! It is much more comforting to let someone else take that responsibility.

But God set up the universe so that parents have more influence on their children than anyone else. If parents take the responsibility for that influence, if they make sure they use it wisely, the child is given the best chance possible to choose God.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. We at Bread of Life Christian Fellowship can help you take on this rewarding task of teaching your own children about God. We have lots of experience and lots of resources!

But Worship service should be a time for the family to be together. We won’t be tearing your family apart.

We Know It’s Hard To Pick A Church.

 How do you know where you will be happy?
  • First, look for a church that actually believes the Bible to be true. Oddly enough, not all churches do.
  • Look for a church where you can feel at home. Church shouldn’t be something you have to endure, but the highlight of your week.
  • Look for a church you can work in. 
Now, this doesn’t mean for you to look for a church you can walk into and begin preaching or take over the music.

The leadership is responsible to God to make sure those in these positions are really serving Him, and, frankly, they don’t know you yet.

But every church has things that need to be done that simply don’t get done. And there are many ministries that need to occur outside the church doors. Most people, in fact, are called to these ministries.

Does the church you are considering support and encourage these ministries? Are they open to helping you find your strengths and how God wants you to use them?

Once you have settled these issues, do you feel at home? Or more accurately, can you feel at home there? You probably won’t feel totally at home at first. It works the same way dinner works;

Do you feel at home in a restaurant? Of course not. It’s not home at all.
Do you feel at home in your Mamma’s house? Most people do.

This is because they help set the table, cook the food, and/or clean up. They contribute to the meal in some way.

This is what makes you feel at home; the ownership of participating.

It’s the same for church. If you help with the maintenance, caring for the members, fixing the church dinners, you begin to feel at home.

You Are a part.

Can you become a part of the church you are considering? Can you feel needed there?

If you already have a church you attend regularly, great! Pray for your pastor and church and keep supporting them.

But if you haven’t been able to find a church family you can “be at home with” yet come join us.

Bread of Life Christian Fellowship is really just family.

Oh, we aren’t all blood relatives, but you wouldn’t know it from the way love each other.

We all pitch in and help to the best of our ability with whatever needs doing.

But you know what? We’re a small church.

We still have room for you!

Come join us this Sunday!

We're your family

you just haven't met yet.