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Sunday's Lunch and Calendar

We stay together after Worship Service to share a meal. This gives us time to get

to know each other and share our lives. We build the bonds and give each other the encouragement we need to get through our week, bringing God to our world.


There is always plenty of food, since some express love through cooking for others (while others express it through eating what’s cooked. Yum!)


You can find our schedule of Lunch Themes in our Google Calendar.

The Church usually buys the main meat, and the Tracy's bring the veggies, bread, and a desert. We can always use more sides and deserts, and anytime anyone else would like to bring a bread or meat, just let us know! 

Bringing something is not required for joining us, but if you would like to bring something, just let us know through the Next Steps Launcher on the right (foot steps) or click here.