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We value our children, not as the church of tomorrow,
but as part of the church of today.

They are the leaders of tomorrow.

We are a Family Integrated Church. 

Your family needs to worship together. After all,
"The family that prays together, stays together." 
It is so important for children to see their parents worship and learn how to worship LIKE an adult. This increases the chance they will worship AS adults.

And isn’t that the main goal of all Christian parents? To have our children worshiping our King and walking by our sides down the Streets of Gold!

We don't send the children off to "Never Never Land" while the adults have "Real Church." All ages worship and learn together.

Children need the fellowship of their elders just as much as the elders need the fellowship of the youngers. Older people offer wisdom and experience. Younger people offer vision and energy. Every church needs both.

We do have a "Children's Sermon" just before the Main Sermon, (but just between you and me, I think the adults enjoy it more than the children:-)

Don’t children need age appropriate teaching? 

Yes. However, God assigned that job to the child’s parents, not the Church (except in cases where the parent’s aren’t available to do the teaching.)

Each parent is responsible to lead their children to the Throne of Grace. What a scary thought! It is much more comforting to let someone else take that responsibility.

But God set up the universe so that parents have more influence on their children than anyone else. If parents take the responsibility for that influence, if they make sure they use it wisely, the child is given the best chance possible to choose God.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. We at Bread of Life Christian Fellowship can help you take on this rewarding task of teaching your own children about God. We have lots of experience and lots of resources!

But Worship service should be a time for the family to be together. We won’t be tearing your family apart.

All children remain with their parents in all services. We don't shove them off "out of the way."

Some are concerned about how to care for small children during service.
  • We don't object to nursing mothers caring for their babies in their seats, or you may move to the chairs in the dining area if it makes you more comfortable.
  • Bring drinks in leak-proof cups and small snacks (i.e. cheerios) to keep toddler's hands and mouths busy.
  • Bring quiet toys for the child to play with. Note: It is our experience that cars are "noisy" toys no matter what they are made of :-D They all go "Vroom, vroom."
  • A child's "Blankie" may help them feel more secure, maybe even sleep.
  • Don't worry too much about the noise. We have all had small children and babies. We have all been just where you are. We consider a baby's cries to be prayers to God and his happy noises to be praise. Just do the best you can and enjoy the service.
For older children
  • Give them paper and pens to take notes with. Show them how. (Just keep them from drawing on the hymnals and Bibles, please).
  • Ask questions about the sermon after service.
  • Have daily devotionals as a family. Not only does this give a time to practice "Church Manners," but it is the ideal time for the parent to do the job God has called them to do; teach their children about Him (Deuteronomy 6:7, Ephesians 6:4).
  • Be a good example. Don't talk, fidget, get up during the service yourself. Sing with the songs. Pray with the prayers. Pay attention to the sermon.